The UK education system is flexible, so you can study in a way that suits your lifestyle and career aspirations. When you study in the UK you meet people from different nationalities, sharing their backgrounds and discovering new perspectives.
International students are required to demonstrate and/or declare that they have genuine access to sufficient funds to be granted a Student visa. Applicants may have to demonstrate sufficient funds to cover these expenses for the first one or two years in Australia, depending on their assessment level.
The academic requirements (including evidence of English language skills) you need to study in Australia will vary Depending on the level of education you want to study. Institutions can have different entry requirements, please Contact us for details of each University requirements.

  • Schools – Entry requirements vary between schools depending on the state or territory you will be Studying in. Academic performance and ability is considered during the application process.
  • Vocational education and training – In most cases there are no entrance exams for VET institutions. However, some courses may have specific pre-requisite subjects or work experience requirements.
  • Higher Education Undergraduate – Theentry requirements for undergraduate programmed are still predominantly based on completed secondary education studies equivalent to Australia Senior High school level.
  • Higher Education Postgraduate – As well as the satisfactory completion of at least one degree at undergraduate Level, your institution may take research ability or relevant work experience into consideration.
Student Visa Application Checklist International students, who wish to study in England, or elsewhere in the UK, will need to obtain a Student Visa that allows them to remain in the UK legally throughout their program of study. Applying for a Student Visa is not difficult; however, it is a critical step in planning for success as you prepare to study in the UK.

  1. A completed Visa Application Form.
  2. An original Visa Letter from your sponsor, which in this case is the educational institution where you have been accepted as a student.
  3. A valid passport from your home country that allows you to travel abroad.
  4. A recent passport-size color photograph that shows your full face without a hat, head covering or sunglasses, and taken against a white background. (Head coverings worn on religious or cultural grounds are allowed, but must not cover your face.)
  5. Your biometric details (fingerprints and photograph), which must be provided in person at an approved collection center.
  6. Proof of funds for accommodations and expenses while in the UK. This can be in the form of bank statements or a loan confirmation letter from a bank or other financial institution. If your funds are in a bank account, you must show that the funds have been in the account for at least 28 days.
  7. A Visa application fee.
  8. Students who plan to study in a Postgraduate Doctor or Dentist program will also need an original letter from their Postgraduate Dean and original transcripts or certificates showing your qualifications.
English language – Entry requirements vary between institutions, and according to the level of English language course you want to study. For admission to an Australian Institution program, international applicants from non-English speaking backgrounds are expected to be proficient in English, as demonstrated by:
Passing an approved test or
Completing an Academic English program or
Meeting an approved alternative requirement
The following English tests are accepted by Australian Institutions :
IELTS – Academic
Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic
Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) – PT and iBT
University of Cambridge – ESOL Examinations for the Certificate of Proficiency in English
(CEP) or the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)
1. Vocational Education and Training (VET)
Minimum of 5.5 overall in IELTS and minimum 5.0 in each subtest
2. Undergraduate
Minimum of 6.5 overall in IELTS with minimum 6.0 in each subtest. Some courses like Teaching and N ursing require higher scores of Minimum of 7.o overall in IELTS with minimum of 6.5 in each subtest
3. Post Graduate
Depending on the institution ,the minimum requirement is 7.0 overall in IELTS with minimum of 6.0 in each subtest.
Financial requirements Living and maintenance costs. If you are coming to the UK for nine months or more (all undergraduate and postgraduate students) you must show £7,380.
If you are coming for less than nine months, you will need to show that you have £820 per month for each month of your course.

Bringing dependents

If you are bringing any dependents to the UK you will also need to show you have £460 per month for each dependent that you bring with you (so a maximum of £4,140 will need to be shown per dependent).
For example, a student who brings his/her partner and one child will have to show they have held the following amount in their bank account for 28 consecutive days before submitting their Tier 4 applications:
(£820 x 9) + (£460 x 9) + (£460 x 9) = Total £15,660

Evidence required

If you are self-funding (providing the money yourself) the money must be held in either your account, a joint account (your name and someone else’s), or your parents’ account. You cannot use your friend or your relative’s account. If you choose to use your parents’ account you will need to provide your original birth certificate and an original signed and dated letter from your parent(s) confirming you are their child and that they consent to their money being used to fund your UK studies.

‘Acceptable’ bank accounts for verification purposes

If you are from Cameroon or Ghana, and plan to use money in an overseas account please check that your bank is not on the list of Institutions that the UK Visas and Immigration is unable to verify.
In all cases the money needs to have been in the account continuously for a minimum period of 28 consecutive days prior to making an application. If it has dropped below the amount you are required to show, even for one day, you will not satisfy the financial requirements for obtaining a Tier 4 visa and your application will be refused. The last transaction date (on your bank statement) of that 28-day period must be less than one month before the date of your application.
Please ensure that the bank statement you provide contains the following information:

  • Your name (or that of your parents)
  • The account number
  • The date of the statement
  • The financial institution’s name and logo
  • The amount of money available
  • Transactions showing that the funds available to you have been in your account for a minimum of 28 days.